जापान पढ्न जाने सोचमा हुनुहुन्छ ?

हाम्रो बारे

Namaste we are Nptojp institute of Japanese language. We are renowned Japanese Language institute based in Kathmandu Nepal. We provide Japanese language training to non-native speakers of Japanese and also we provide counseling for studying in Japan. We registered under the existing laws of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Beyond the existing traditional institute we are the novel institute in Nepal. We make possible your ambition of higher education in Japan. Your only way to realize your dream in Japan is your Language Skill. Let's start your #DreamJapan with NptoJp.

किन NptoJp नै ?
  • To fill the gap between Nepal and Japan.
  • To change the way traditional language institute are providing service .
  • To give the real time experience of Japan.
  • To make you better future in Japan.

  • Planning studies in Japan? join us. We provide Japanese language training and counseling for studying in Japan based on our 10's years of experience in modern Japan.

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    Best Schools and Universities

    We work with many Japanese Language Schools and Universities all over the Japan. We give you a lot of options of choice.

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    Real Time Study

    We provide language training in Nepal as well as we provide online language training from tokyo providing realtime news and update.

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    After language study Support

    We provide you not only language training, we also provide free consulting service what next after finishing language school.

    Message from President

    Namaste 🙏
    The year 2022 became the turning point for all of us. That uncertainties brought by COVID-19, our lifestyles and educational, and other social systems as a whole underwent major changes. Many of the student's dream had been paused, travel had been pospended. Throung these challanges, we have accumulated the great experiences and knowledges. Every incidence has both negative and positive aspects. We paused for a while, but we got time to workout to give more better service to our students and stakeholders. Beyond the existing traditional institute we are the novel emerging institute with different features which had never served in Nepal before. In our 10s years of experience in modern Japan, we are including our fresh experience of modern japan to our services. We teach you Japanese as a second language. We consult you the importance of language in Japan, the Japanese culture, student life in Japan, what next after Japanese language, higher education in Japan and many more. How long are we reciting a,b,c,d ? Let's study あ、い、う、え、お. Perhaps Japan is only one country in the world where, you can get your dream career just having some knowlege of Japanese language. Nptojp institute of Japanese language is here to help you in Kathmandu Nepal. I welcome you to be a part of us for your extension of wisdom and higher degree from Japan.
    Thank You President